Visiting shiny sin city – Las Vegas!

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This was our last day in Las Vegas, where we had quite an unusual week. This city was pretty amazing with all that it has to offer, and probably it is one of the most interesting cities we have ever visited so far. First impression is quite strange as you need to ride a bus for 5 hours going through a total desert, where there are 48-50 degrees outside and seems like no one is living anywhere close. And then in the middle of nowhere the city appears, and not just a simple small city, but a whole colourful world under one umbrella. You can see Egipt pyramids here, go under the tower of Eiffel or see New York, from the variety of hotels and casinos even the head is spinning around.

Las Vegas is like a huge leisure resort where anyone can find a thing to do – from youngsters who just turned 21 to old grandmothers having fun next to the slots. And it is not right to think that all of this will be very expensive. At this time of the year, it is a low season here, so a room for two with a pool and all amenities you can find for as low as 30eur per night. Prices for meals and drinks are very similar to the ones we are used to at home in Europe, so you can really afford a lot here. You can find a huge variety of amusements, the old part of Vegas which is called Downtown offers wide range of fun activities and it just wants you to have a great time. It doesn‘t really matter if you‘re a rich grandpa, no matter what skin colour or race you have, all gathers here just for one good goal – to have fun!

Although it is worth to notice that at this time of the year it is quite hot outside, everyday temperature reaches around 46 degrees. Even in the night it stays around 30-35 degrees. Not everyone might be happy with all of this heat, but with lithuanian summer like this, maybe?

With the end of this story, we are heading further to Mexico! Cancun is first on our list, and stay tuned for our very first stories from our 3rd country on this round-the-world trip!