10 interesting facts you might not know about Iceland

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  1. Iceland has an odor of rotten eggs. Hot water that is running from the tap is not very pleasant. Not because it is calcined or very soft, but because of the smell. Geothermal water is saturated with sulphur, which is the reason why the smell is like the one from rotten eggs.

  2. The climate is not very friendly. In summer there is daylight for twenty-four hours and the temperature is around 12-14 degrees. In winter it can be very cold, and despite the cold it is almost a never ending night. Overall – depression for half of the year almost guaranteed.

  3. Nature was more friendly and gifted them with hot geothermal water which is widely used for indoor heating. This is also used for manufacturing electricity and in some other manufacturing fields. Also the country has a lot of drinkable fresh water as well as it is surrounded by sea full of delicious sea food.

  4. Ice vs. Fire. Two different elements in the same place. On one sight you can see threatening volcano while on the other you can spot one of the biggest glacier in Europe.

  5. Icelandic woman would beat you. Main moto of Icelandic woman is that they can do everything that man can do and even more. If men played football and won 5th place, they will do everything so they reach at least 4th. And this is happening in every single field.

  6. Biggest income for Iceland comes from tourism, fishing and powerful aliuminium smelters. The heat coming from underground helps to reach high temperatures needed for aliuminium smelting. Thus is why this process is then quite cheap and generates a very high profit.

  7. Only 2 percent of Iceland is covered by forests (e.g. in Lithuania there are 33 percent), while glaciers take 10 percent of the space.

  8. In the north of Iceland there are a lot of single churches built for separate houses or farms.

  9. People of Iceland usually belong to some religious community as then they can pay lower taxes for the government.

  10. A special register of relatives is existing in this country, where you can check whether you can really create a family with your beloved one, as he or she might be a relative of yours!